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St. Philomena: The Story of a Stubborn Little Princess is a fast-paced and gripping read that will leave you feeling closer to one of the youngest saints in the Catholic Church.  It is a story about a young princess who defied a Roman Emperor and who suffered martyrdom while following Jesus.

This book was written to draw people closer to the teen saint and inspire them to follow her example of purity and love of God.

It is a religious biography about a young martyr aimed toward young adults but has already proven to be just as inspirational to those of all ages.

Like a bright light in the darkness of our culture, St. Philomena is waiting to tell you her story in this charming and relatable tale.


“I read Courtney’s beautiful little book straight through-it was so well written that it held my attention straight through to the end-all in one reading.  I sent a copy of the book to my grand-niece who is thirteen years old.  My grand-niece said that she was fascinated with the work of a thirteen year old and that the book was most readable and most enjoyable.  Just yesterday I received a note from my grand-niece thanking me for the book and informing me that when she is confirmed next spring, she will take Philomena as her Confirmation name and saint.  How many other girls being confirmed will take Philomena as their Confirmation name and Confirmation saint?  Courtney’s book is being well received by both young girls, by their mother and aunts, and by this elderly priest.”

~Fr. Robert Mary Xavier Burns, S.J.

“This story of St. Philomena was so captivating that I had a hard time putting it down.  I read it in two days, snatching every free moment that I could.  This is a real winner.  I was really impressed with all the references at the end.  This should inspire some of the youth of our time to see that there is so much more to life than what is on the surface.  Keep up the good work.  Can’t wait to see the next masterpiece. ”

~Msgr. John Kolesar

“Courtney Lee brings to life one of the most beloved of all saints with this charmingly accessible biography, and reminds us that a life of love and faint endures for centuries.  Children who read this gentle tale of courage and martyrdom will be enthralled by the attention to historic detail and inspired by the heartfelt writing that will connect Philomena’s life and love of Jesus to their own.  This book belongs in every school library and home that wants to provide children with examples of young people who lived virtuously and made difficult moral choices in the most challenging circumstances.”

~jsextonAmazon Review

I was amazed by young St. Philomena’s life, the many miracles, and the first person account of how the author presented her life.  The manner in which she described her unfolding life was both suspenseful and inspiring…This little book will be a worthy contribution and help for many youth, and their parents, as our society/culture is so mislead about God’s ways and graces.  Parents and grandparents will find it to be an uplifting and growth-producing gift.”

~Andrew HrezoAmazon Review

“St. Philomena is a wonderful example to young women faced with the many challenges of living in today’s world.  Courtney Lee writes a delightful story of her life that can be enjoyed by young and old alike…Hopefully, young readers especially will remember her example of heroic purity and chastity and not be afraid to stand up for their Christian values.”

~R. Amor, Amazon Review

“Courtney Lee has done a wonderful job bringing St. Philomena to life for her readers…I greatly enjoyed this book and am eager to share it with my children and their friends.  While avoiding the dreaded “preachy”, this adorable book encourages readers to love God.  An excellent gift idea for birthdays or other special occasions!”

~A. DeMuro, Amazon Review